Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to Weigh 600 Pounds

My wife was watching The Discovery Channel the other night. They were profiling two women who were undergoing a series of surgeries to reduce their weight.

They initially weighed 600 pounds...each.

Rhetorically, my wife asked while shaking her head in disbelief, "How do you get to weigh 600 pounds?"

My mental answer was, "Systematically."

Think about the process that it must have taken for these women to reach such a lofty "goal."

They had to devote themselves to a rigorous program of years of physical activity avoidance.

Their moto? "Never stand when you can sit and never sit when you can lay down." (of course, I'm just guessing here)

Not only that but just think about their commitment to their eating program. Multiple meals per day of calorie dense non-nutritious foods. Certainly more than the typical 3 squares a day. Day in and day out. Eating when you don't really want to eat, but rather just eating when it's time to eat.

Then of course there's their support system. I mean someone had to bring them food and encourage them to eat after they lost the ability to walk to the kitchen and get their own food, right?

This whole process didn't take place over just a few weeks. It took YEARS to get to this level of physical "development."

So what we have here is couple of people that followed a very simple plan consisting of synergistic behaviors that led to an amazing result.

Sounds a lot like the ultimate fitness (fatness?) plan, eh?

They were so close. They had a system and with a few small changes they'd be the picture of health instead of having to buy two seats on an airplane AFTER a surgically-induced 300 pound weight loss.

The System:
1. Devote yourself to a program of regular physical activity based on your fitness goals
2. Eat frequent, nutrient-dense meals that are supportive of your training and goals
3. Spend time with like minded people with similar interests and goals
4. Repeat forever

It is that simple.


Monday, August 14, 2006

The Sweet Smell of Success

Success doesn't smell sweet.

Actually, it smells a lot like a sweaty t-shirt.


P.S. this could be an original quote?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Phil!


Yes, it's that time of year again where I wish my good buddy Phil, the happiest of birthdays.

It's also the time of year that I make a feeble attempt to convince my good buddy to move back to Nap Town, The Circle City, the home of the Brickyard....Indianapolis.

See Phil bolted from the fine state of Indiana soon after graduation from PT school. Seems he felt it necessary to spread his wings and become the guy he wanted to be.

It worked (as much as I hate to admit it...was a great move on his part).

Phil has become an outstanding professional as well as a great man. He also not too long ago married just the right gal, Julie (Uh, you kids do actually live in the same city now? I also like the burgundy wall in the living room :)) .

Could he have become the man he is by staying behind with the rest of us?

Yeah, but it wouldn't make as good a story now would it. Where's the legacy if you don't take the calculated risks?

Congrats on another degree (how many is that now?), keep running (you ran the Indy Mini-Marathon in a couple hours, right? I cover the same distance in about 15 minutes because I take a car like all the other normal human beings), and hopefully we'll see you soon.

For all of us in Indy, Happy Birthday.


P.S. So, uh, Phil, when you think you might be moving back to Indy?