Monday, February 19, 2007

CEO Excusitis

Excusitispsychological disorder resulting from the need to defer responsibility to anyone or anything other than one’s self. This disorder is usually accompanied by rationalization disorder.

I'm not a regular newspaper reader (and I don't watch the news either).

I figure that if something important happens, someone will tell me about it…and they do.

I did read an article in USA Today today (that wasn't a stutter) because someone showed it to me (see it works). It was about how CEO's of large corporations were fat and out of shape and how they are spending huge sums of money to try to drop some weight and improve their health.

Good for them.

The thing that caught my eye was the overwhelming excusitis that these guys and gals were using as their reason for being rather fat in some cases.

"My mother taught me if I didn't eat everything on my plate, a child in China would be dying."

"I'm Italian. You ate what your mother told you to eat, not just when you were hungry."

Wow, even CEO's still live at home and are forced to clean their plate by their mothers?

No. Just excusitis.

These people are in very powerful positions in the corporate world (and getting paid in the $5-10 million range annually), and I'm certain that they wouldn't stand for such drivel from any of their underlings, yet they blame their mommies for their current levels of obesity.

At least there was one voice of reason from the CEO camp.

He now weighs 185 pounds at 9% body fat. He trains every morning and does so at 4 a.m. in cases where he has a 6 a.m. flight to somewhere (I bet he doesn't fly commercial).

His opinion of other CEO’s who try fat farms and hire personal chef's? They're WEAK!

It's all about self-discipline. No excuses.

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stonelifter said...

well not only do they rationalize be out of shape a lot of ceo's rationalize giving themselves huge bonuses whilst the company is losing money.

cannot remember who said this but it used to be if you tripped on the sidewalk you got up, looked around hoping no one saw you fell and then continued on your way. today people trip and they instantly look around for some one to sue.

people do not want to take responsibility for their situation and rationalize why they should get the big pay out because society has done them some wrong.

the comment is correct, people are weak.

Mike Roussell said...

"I figure that if something important happens, someone will tell me about it…and they do."

I totally agree. the same goes for watching the news on TV.

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